My Story

My Story

Are you interested in Personal Development or Lifestyle Coaching? Here is a bit about my story and why you should think about considering me for your personal development lifestyle coaching needs?

In 2014 I decided to CHANGE my life forever. After suffering from years of stress, low self-esteem and confidence issues. I piled on the weight as a result of emotional eating. It caught up with me.

I became chronically ill-developed Crohn's disease and other autoimmune disorders. In 2010 I had major spinal surgery to fuse my spine together. Unfortunately, I suffered many early pregnancy losses as well but am blessed with my son Ian who is 21 years of age. He keeps me young and inspired to keep going every day.


So in May 2014, my various consultants advised me it was highly likely I would need more spinal surgery and part of my bowel removed. Decision time! If I stayed on this downward spiral I created for myself emotionally and physically I was facing a further life sentence. The truth was I was the only one who could change it. It was nobody else's fault but mine. What was the alternative? take my lifestyle habits emotional and physical health in charge control it or let it control me. It was then the decision was made.

My journey to CHANGE began.

I was broke at 38 years old but no way was I going down without a fight. I changed my life forever and am here today helping others do the same. Yes, I always say I rewrote my story and changed the ending for the better. You can read my full story here on Life and Fitness Magazine

5 stone gone and my health happiness and confidence returned. I studied Nutritional Therapy and Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutrition in 2015. Then I retrained as a Professional and Personal Development Coach in 2016 following redundancy from the Insurance Industry. 

 Three years on now and still thriving in life and business and grateful for all my blessings. 

I’m seriously lucky I got a second chance and been able to follow a career path that I love so much. I truly have found meaning and purpose in my Personal Development and Lifestyle Coach role and the Professional Coaching Industry.

My greatest assets as a Personal Development and Lifestyle Coach are my life experience, empathy, and ability to use my intuition to help people discover what’s going on for them. I’ve made my way through my "stuff" learned from it and came out the other side, and it enables me to continually grow, learn and develop as a person.

I learn so much from all the wonderful individuals I get the pleasure to coach. There is nothing like the power of human connection and perspective.

So why did I choose to work specifically in Personal Development and Lifestyle Coaching? I see many individuals from all walks of life but many women in their thirties plus approach me for coaching. Many are experiencing a lack of self-confidence, self-esteem and feel stuck when it comes to their lives in general. This can subsequently lead to bad lifestyle choices and a deterioration in their emotional and physical health.

People come to me for a new perspective and to gain new found happiness confidence and authenticity in life. Together we can work to increase potential self-worth and enable emotional and physical transformation.

My work empowers people to give themselves the life they truly deserve as Diane Von Furstenberg said

"You know who's gonna give you everything? Yourself"

My continually updated skills and training provide insightful conversation through powerful questioning and in a thought provoking relationship to help you reach more clarity and provide the motivation, self-confidence and accountability to begin moving things forward for you.

Coaching is a unique partnership that leads to action. As a Personal Development and Lifestyle Coach, it's my job to plug into you so you can plug back into yourself.  This will help you to unlock your best self so that you can live and work from a place of authenticity, health, happiness, and vitality.

My one to one and online coaching packages are designed to offer individuals a road map for personal development and lifestyle change that is based on achieving what's important to them together with the elusive combination of health, happiness and success.

I can support you by working with you in many areas of your life such as values, beliefs, tolerations and boundaries to name a few as well as self-sabotaging habitual thoughts which can leave you stuck and overwhelmed in life. 

My job as your personal development or lifestyle coach is to encourage, support and challenge you. It’s also my job to reveal the truth to you to empower you to make better choices about the rest of your life. It’s is a very compelling and effective method that works once you are willing to hold yourself accountable and trust the process itself.

If you think I'm the right Personal Development or Lifestyle Coach for your coaching needs then great, but I won’t force what I do upon you. Coaching with me is a partnership I will meet you at your level. You are the expert on yourself. I'm there to support you to discover more.

My aim is to help you to get to the truth then we’ll make a plan to guide you to reach your goals whatever they may be.

I’m a member of the International Coaching Federation and participate in a quality coaching circle for continual professional development to keep my coaching skills and practice up to date. 

I am a graduate of Positive Success Group and hold their Internationally Accredited Diploma in Life and Executive Coaching and a QQI Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics.

 I also hold a Professional Diploma in Nutritional Therapy and Sports and Exercise Nutrition. Proper nutrition strength training and mindful eating practices have been my saviour. 



In May 2017 I made it onto the top 100 Life coach websites and blogs on the web. 

Women's Personal Development and Lifestyle Coach

Genuinely I would love to get to work with you soon it’s a challenging and enjoyable process during which you will discover so much about yourself and how you work. I am a big advocate of developing emotional fitness to enable any change in life. You will smile, laugh possibly even shed a few tears, as you think deeply, grow and embrace becoming the best version of you possible. If I can help someone out there to make a CHANGE today that will enable them to reach their true potential live their life.....







Please feel free to drop me a message anytime or contact me here for more details of coaching services and tailor-made packages to suit your agenda and schedule.

Coaching available one to one in Dublin and surrounding areas and online nationwide and globally

Pauline x

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