Personal Development Coaching

Personal Development Coaching

Personal development coaching can do for the rest of your life what personal training does for your body. It builds emotional fitness, resilience, and confidence.

All action starts with a thought. If you think you can’t achieve something, it’s more than likely you won’t even try. If you think you can, and want it enough, you’ll find a way. I can help you change your thoughts so you start believing something new is possible. Then you can start making a plan of action to improve your life for you.
 Coaching, if ready and open to it, can help you unlock dormant potential and become your very best self. I can work with you to make significant changes, or if you are transitioning at present and feel a bit stuck. No matter what the goal is in your life at the moment, we can work together to put a forward-focused plan of action in place.
I can help you with to reach clarity and perspective and achieve your goals in many areas.Taking charge of your life and breaking old habits to develop new ways of thinking will be worth the hard work. The freedom and sense of achievement that comes with it will make it all worthwhile.
Consultation duration 1.5 hours.
Face to Face Consultations Dublin and surrounding areas €320.00
Skype €240.00
Minimum booking of 4 sessions required.
5 sessions for the price of 4 included.
Follow on consultations.
Face to Face €80
Skype €60.00
Contact me for more details of packages available to suit your specific agenda and needs


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