Mindful Money Tips To Avoid BS and Overspending!

Have you a mindful money plan in place? Black Friday and Christmas are upon us. Weeks of smart marketing and repetition by retailers and online stores will help to rewire our brains in their favour.   We may be unaware of their mind games but can fall into money traps. Spend, spend, spend, instant gratification and

Check out “#WCW Women’s Confidence Wellness Vision Board Workshop”!

Check out “#WCW Women’s Confidence Wellness Vision Board Workshop” on Eventbrite! Date: Sat, Jan 6 2018, 09:30 Location: The Emmaus Centre

What is Your Vision For 2018?

Do you want something to look forward to in the new year? If so check out my #WCW Women Confidence Wellness Vision Board Workshop of 2018.  Do you know what a vision board is? It is a way to manifest your life’s purpose. When you make a vision board you get clear on what to create in


Kindness The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Today is World Kindness Day. What can you do to play a part? Do you have any favourite quotes to celebrate World Kindness Day 2017? I’d love to hear it in the comments below.  It doesn’t matter how small the act of kindness is it matters. “kindness” “kʌɪn(d)nəs” Noun The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Kindness

How I Learned To Keep My Head Above Water

As humans we can’t swim when we are born, so we have to take lessons and learn to do it on our own. Some of us sink or swim and struggle to keep our head above water. But there are times when we are all tossed into the deep end of the pool and told

When We Fear What We Fear.

Fear and anxiety left me paralyzed for years. As a child, I was afraid of everything. I was scared to trick or treat on Halloween. Too nervous to go to school because the other kids might not play with me. Scared to leave my mother because something might happen to her. By the time I

What Will You Do With Your Extra Hour?

What will you do with your extra hour tomorrow? Another month is soon upon us, as the clocks go back.We will all get an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning, so that is my lie on extended! Happy days! Easy like Sunday morning it is! Relish those extra 60 minutes in bed. Here are some tips

We All Have The Choice To Change

Do you want to change? If you don’t like what you are experiencing at present, you have to change your responses and environment. Change can be a big challenge. If you feel you aren’t living up to your potential make the choice to enable a positive change in your life now. What are you waiting for?

3 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Monday Morning.

It’s Monday again, you can go from ugh to wow depending on what frame of the mind you set yourself up in for the week ahead. Studies are showing what many happy, prosperous and satisfied people already know.  That seizing the day, especially on Monday, can set you up for success for the week ahead. When

How I Went From Redundant To Abundant In Two Years

I lost my job but that was all it was a job. However, I found my life’s purpose and learned that redundant to abundant is possible. Here I am two years on and I made it to the other side of redundancy. Redundancy was to fuel my last call to find my calling and for