Mindless to Mindful Lifestyle Coaching Packages

Lifestyle Coaching

Mindless to Mindful Lifestyle Coaching Packages now available.

For enrolment on my Complimentary Mindful Lifestyle Change click here.

My Mindless to Mindful Lifestyle Change 8-week online or one to one coaching program will help transform you into a more emotionally fitter healthier more confident you. Putting the right mindset in place before when embarking on lifestyle change is key to success.

I want to help you remove the blocks that get in the way when trying to lose weight.

Why Choose my Mindless to Mindful Lifestyle Change 8 Week Online Coaching Program?

The coaching program is built and based on my research personal experience and professional coaching expertise. I asked women what they wanted. It came down to putting in place the foundation that supports the physical transformation, to build and install a personal development mindset to make this happen.

We will be working on the inside to transform the outside.

It's often too easy to consume information, practice for a short time, then go back to your old ways of eating.

You have GOT to learn life skills for the lifestyle change to keep going and achieve your goals. I know, take it from me I did not have this in place every time I failed and gave up.

I've been there I'm not going to lie it feels like crap, we don't deserve to do that to ourselves we are worth so much more.

Every other single lifestyle change and weight loss program I started in a 12 year period failed, then massive rebounds ensued. Needless to say, my emotional and physical health deteriorated. I set myself back even further with self-doubt and lack of self-confidence.

Here are the pictures of my initial transformation in 2014. No magic pills no diet plans no weekly weigh ins and classes counting points or weighing food.

How did I do it? obviously, I had to eat less of the bad more of the good and move more. Most importantly I had to get emotionally fit and build life skills for my lifestyle change to keep going.

It was the best investment of my life it can be yours too. I can teach you how to get emotionally fit lose weight and become more mindful of all your choices in life.

Choices that affect your ability to overcome food binges and emotional eating and will enable you to optimize your willpower to win at lifestyle change.

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching


There is no quick fix to long-term sustainable lifestyle change. It is a continual work in progress. I will teach you how to maintain it when you reach your goals and how to build resilience when you feel like running back to the old you and those bad habits that left you stuck in the first place. 

What's involved?

 Strategies to learn how to

1. Break bad habits

2. Manage time

3. Build resilience

4. Increase motivation

5. Building Self Confidence

6. Hold yourself accountable

What are the benefits?

You will receive expert advice, reach more clarity and develop essential life skills not only for a lifestyle change but ones you can use in many situations. The connection of a continued support group on Facebook will help increase your motivation and help you with accountability.

There are no scales here or trending diets this is a program about enabling the optimizing your willpower to win at weight loss and lifestyle change.

Crucial skills like learning how to identify why you emotionally eat will be provided. Tips on how to discover how to make the connection with the emotions that cause this cycle and all about how mindful eating and balance contribute to success. The objective of the program is to help put people in the best mindset and position possible to start taking steps to achieve their goals and sustain them for life.

The program will help you discover the secrets of success for eating for health happiness and self-confidence. It will enable you to train the brain to be emotionally fit to get physically fit.  Save yourself money in the long run by getting the right mindset in place first before taking your health fitness and lifestyle goals to the next level.

It's cheaper than wasting money on online plans or gym memberships that go to waste when we just are not emotionally fit to change. Being emotionally fit is crucial to success.

This is not like anything else available and it works! I pride myself in standing out from everyone else and making this very unique.

You can watch a full video introduction to the program content presented by myself here.

You will receive the following

1. 8 x 1 one to one weekly coaching calls with me via skype

2. Seven habit forming manuals for breakfast lunch dinner snacks water sleep and physical activity

3. 7 Modules on the following areas crucial to lifestyle change delivered in an interactive format like this video here weekly.

Module 1 - Find your “why”

Module 2 - Goal setting and time management

Module 3 - Habit Forming

Module 4 - Increasing Resilience and self-belief

Module 5 - Gratitude

Module 6 - Accountability

Module 7 - Maintenance for life

4. A bonus module on macros tracking and working out how to calculate how many calories you need to eat to lose weight and then maintain it.

5. Access to the closed Facebook group for life with daily motivation tips advice training and accountability.
 There are lots of strategies and activities provided to help with all of the above.

6. You will also have the option to receive a complimentary follow-up coaching call within six months to assess your progress and assist you with any additional agendas you may have.

The cost is €500 now reduced to €350 inclusive of 30% discount for September ONLY.

Payment options are available.

Intake for this program ends on the 30th September 2017. If you would like to secure your space today get in touch or drop me a message if you have any further queries.

Contact me for more details or to secure your space here


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