Fit Executive Coaching Package

Fit Executive

I am pleased to announce my Fit Executive Coaching Package. Professional development lifestyle and emotional fitness coaching for executive professionals and business owners.

 As a business owner or former executive like myself you do you:

Struggle with work-life balance?
Deal with overeating as a result of stress from a high-pressure career or running a business?
Have no time for yourself?
Put your career or business before yourself or your family?
You're ready to do something different but are not sure what that “something” is.
  Are you feeling “stuck” as a result of the above and can’t think of what else to do to move your business or career forward.
Do you feel you do not have anyone at your level to have confidential conversations with?
Do you need a different perspective, if you have important goals to reach?

If you improve yourself, do you think your business or career will benefit? Yes!

My Fit Executive coaching package may be what you are looking for today.
Consultation duration 1.5 hours
Face to Face Consultations Dublin and surrounding areas €320.00
Skype €240.00
Minimum booking of 4 sessions required.
5 sessions for the price of 4 included.
Follow on consultations
Face to Face €80
Skype €60.00
Contact me today to arrange a free 40-minute consultation and find out more.


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