What is Your Vision For 2018?

Do you want something to look forward to in the new year? If so check out my #WCW Women Confidence Wellness Vision Board Workshop of 2018.  Do you know what a vision board is? It is a way to manifest your life’s purpose. When you make a vision board you get clear on what to create in

When We Fear What We Fear.

Fear and anxiety left me paralyzed for years. As a child, I was afraid of everything. I was scared to trick or treat on Halloween. Too nervous to go to school because the other kids might not play with me. Scared to leave my mother because something might happen to her. By the time I

What Will You Do With Your Extra Hour?

What will you do with your extra hour tomorrow? Another month is soon upon us, as the clocks go back.We will all get an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning, so that is my lie on extended! Happy days! Easy like Sunday morning it is! Relish those extra 60 minutes in bed. Here are some tips

3 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Monday Morning.

It’s Monday again, you can go from ugh to wow depending on what frame of the mind you set yourself up in for the week ahead. Studies are showing what many happy, prosperous and satisfied people already know.  That seizing the day, especially on Monday, can set you up for success for the week ahead. When

How I Went From Redundant To Abundant In Two Years

I lost my job but that was all it was a job. However, I found my life’s purpose and learned that redundant to abundant is possible. Here I am two years on and I made it to the other side of redundancy. Redundancy was to fuel my last call to find my calling and for

2 Simple Steps To Overcome Self-Doubt

Are you troubled by self doubt? Fight your internal chatterbox or negative nelly in your head today. It is time to banish self doubt and embrace your self-esteem and do the recovery work. If you dig deep enough you will find it.   Here is a great idea give your doubting nelly a name and

Why Life Owes You Nothing

One of the biggest myths in society today is our entitlement to a live a great life. We are, but we can miss the point we have to create it ourselves. We create our success. I missed that point for years! So, here is why we must create our own success and life owes us

Have You The Right Mindset To Start A Business

Have you a personal development mindset for starting your own business? You have to develop emotional fitness and a “can do” mindset to start your own business. Download my worksheet and pdf to find your starting point today. Work on the basic facts and reality to reach clarity before taking the next step with your

5 Reasons to Keep Going!

Keep going with your goals. You got this! Keep going no matter what speed that represents for you.   1. It builds confidence. 2. Momentum is momentum no matter what. 3. Small steps lead to life-changing long-term emotional and physical gain. 4. It will make your end goal much more attainable. 5. Know that it gets better.

Fit Executive Coaching Package

I am pleased to announce my Fit Executive Coaching Package. Professional development lifestyle and emotional fitness coaching for executive professionals and business owners.  As a business owner or former executive like myself you do you: Struggle with work-life balance? Deal with overeating as a result of stress from a high-pressure career or running a business? Have

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