Hi, I'm Pauline!

Hi, I'm Pauline!

A Professional Accredited Coach and International Coaching Federation member. I am an Emotional Fitness and Success Coach and am listed on the top 100 Life Coach blogs and websites. I also contribute to Thrive Global. A mother, wife and all around lover of life. Coaching can do for the rest of your life what personal training does for your body. It builds emotional fitness, resilience, and confidence. We all can have daily rituals to stay healthy, work out, eat well and get enough sleep. Yet, when it comes to our personal development we often don’t have a similar daily routine for “staying fit.” I partner with my clients to develop emotional fitness to win in many areas of their personal and professional life. Can I help you build your emotional fitness?


What is Emotional Fitness?
Emotional fitness is the ability to adapt to any circumstance in a way that benefits you. So you are the one controlling your emotions not the other way around.


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#WCW Women Can Win Workshops
Check out my first #WCW Vision Board Workshop on January 6th, 2018. Join me for a full day of creative crafting to reach clarity.


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